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May 19


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commissions OPEN!! PAYPAL ONLY

Journal Entry: Mon May 19, 2014, 12:46 AM

commissions are open again! i've also raised the prices as well since i've been given more advice about it from fellow deviants and my parents!! i hope that's okay,,

i'm hoping to reach my goal by the end of the week which is $300+ now (since i added all the prices now) i really want to do this for my brothers, girlfriend and i,

donations/tips are really appreciated too if you wish to donate let me know and i can give you my paypal you'll be a lifesaver
paypal only open for now! trying to reach my goal which is $300+. once slots are full i'll close them i'm sorry ;o;

raised the prices, because my mum suggested that i should!

paypal is preferred at the moment!

headshots: 500 :points: / $5 AUD
54 by oodeer58 by oodeer63 by oodeer

pencil chibis: 1000 :points: / $10 AUD
boop by oodeer82 by oodeer83 by oodeer

fullbody: 1500 :points: / $15 AUD
48 by oodeer 49 by oodeer 19 by oodeer27 by oodeer

- for a extra character it'll be double the original cost!
- shading is optional, let me know if you want your commission to be shaded or not! no extra cost

!!! limited offer - closed !!!
3 pieces of artwork (fullbody) for $20! i won't open these often though and there will only be one slot!


cannot do complex characters, i'm sorry!!

i only allow 2 characters per artwork

you can pay whenever you want, but i recommend paying after i post your commission! but for paypal, i would like you to pay before i start!

only two orders per commission!

please tell me which method of payment you'll be doing! if you're choosing paypal, please pay in AUD. if you're paying with points, i'll set up a widget for you!

i accept refunds! you can also choose to cancel your commission! just please note me to let me know

note me or comment on this journal if you're interested!

1. meekor - 1x pencil chibi, 1x headshot
2. alfeddy - fullbody
3. spiderdoq - headshot
4. Seragaki-Aoba - pencil chibi [ON HOLD]

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spiderdoq Featured By Owner 52 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
sits here and waits for you to open
oodeer Featured By Owner 48 minutes ago
!!!!! ;o; they are open atm!! unless you mean you're waiting for point commissions aaA
spiderdoq Featured By Owner 45 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
!!! o : it just says they're closed on your page!!! o: 
oodeer Featured By Owner 44 minutes ago
oH i forgot to fix that!!! i'll fix it right now omg ;o;
spiderdoq Featured By Owner 41 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
Xavier by spiderdoq   Could i get a headshot of Xavier please? ;w ;
oodeer Featured By Owner 35 minutes ago
of course! ;v; he's an awesome looking character omg i'm going to have fun drawing him!! would you like to pay with points or paypal??
spiderdoq Featured By Owner 34 minutes ago  Student Digital Artist
whichever you prefer!! O: 
oodeer Featured By Owner 30 minutes ago
points will be good if that's okay with you!! ;o;
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TheBlackKalico Featured By Owner 12 hours ago   Digital Artist
are you open for these? 95 by oodeer
oodeer Featured By Owner 5 hours ago
yeah!! just gotta go here for one!
YCH badge - OPEN by oodeer
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